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Design and Fabrication of Gearless Power Transmission in Angular Position Using Rods: A Review

Mahesh R. Kore, Sanket M. Adate, Siddhanath B. Honwar, Yogesh A. Chavan, Prof. A.A.Desai


Power conduction with minimum loss is the major standards while calculating the effectiveness of the device. Most of the devices are using the gear conduction from the input to output but it has the major power injury due to resistance. A research in this area brought new ideas to conduct the power using altered mechanism. This paper considers and workouts the new mechanism by changing the bevel gear with 90º poke is used to conduct the power. This conduction system specifies that there is the opportunity of right angle power conduction without gears in effective way. In this paper the power is conducted with six pokescentrifugallyconnected at an angle of 60º with respect to the center of the axis. The project gearless conduction is being compact and portable apparatus, which is competent and is having something specific in conducting power atan90ºdirection without any gears being mass-produced

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