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Study the Hydraulic Performance of an Electrohydraulic Servo Valve with Mechanical Feedback

Dr. Raad Muzahem Fenjan


A servo valve with mechanical feedback has been selected for studying and investigating the hydraulic performance by considering the static and dynamic characteristics for this valve. Numerical model for the valve has been developed for studying the static and dynamic responses, also block diagram, which represents the dynamic response, achieved using Matlab program simulate the experimental tests of manufactured company. Also the theoretical solution which was derived by the dynamic response formula via the substitution the theoretical numerical values in Laplace transform. The achieved results which represent (theoretical and experimental static response, theoretical dynamic response and computing dynamic response) are compared with the practical results for the manufactured company and good fitting has been gained. Employing the ideas that were already justified through this study as data sheets, through which we can know the hydraulic performance and reliability of the valve.

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