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Analysis of Crack in Shaft using Creo

Mr. Pratapsinha Patil, Prof. P. G. Karajagi


This paper deals with finding the relation between modal natural frequencies change due to crack in shaft with respective crack depth and location. In this study we investigate relation among crack depth, crack location & natural frequency. Finite Element Analysis is done for single crack at different depth and crack thickness. The analysis results reveal, how modal natural frequencies decrease with change in crack size. It is known that when a shaft or structure suffers from crack or any damage then its dynamic property changes. The reason for this behaviour because of crack causes a stiffness reduction with an inherent reduction in modal natural frequencies which leads to the change in the dynamic response of the Shaft. Creo software is used for parametric modeling of Rotor Shaft as well as for static and dynamic analysis. Modal natural frequency was found to be decreasing with increase in crack depth and its width. This is new technology in Creo, so this study the FEA analysis is carried out using this new technology and compared with other FEA software available in market.

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