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To Investigate the Effect of Tensile Strength Welding Using Thin Mild Steel Sheets

Mr. Vijay Sahu, Mr. Tanmay Awasthi, Mr. Tanmay Awasthi


Welding of thin sheets is additional complicated than thick sheets, as to organize over the heat input is mainly essential in thin sheets. Usual GTAW provides advanced heat input which in turn leads to various weld defects. In this investigation, welding has been performed for steel plate by varying different welding parameters. Welding is performed first by taking the effect of welding current and then the produce of welding speed has been measured. Effect of welding speed and welding current on the tensile strength of the weld joint has been investigated for both type of weld joint. In this paper, it is clear that the increase in current, tensile strength of the weld joint increases. In this paper, we also investigate the effect of grain growth on the tensile strength.

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