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Design and Development of Machine to Remove Outer Cover of Groundnut

Mr. Dinesh R. Bhagat, Mr. Sanket S. Benade, Mr. Koushik S. Mattoo, Mr. Prakash S. Bajaj, Mr. Vijay.A. Kamble


In republic of India, most of the land is used for agricultural purpose that produces semi-finished merchandise or product. Groundnut is additionally one in every of the agriculture semi-finished product. Groundnut is grownup on tiny scale farmers in developing countries like Republic of India. Lack of groundnut process machines, particularly groundnut worker is major downside of groundnut production. In early stages folks accustomed decoct groundnut manually. The output obtained was terribly low by this methodology. The analysis work for style, fabricate and performance of groundnut worker systematically of feed hopper with a rate of flow, management devices, firing unit separating unit and blower system. The machine is supported by a ½ HP motor operational on 720rpm. Falling pods from hopper are stuck by rotating drum, the chaffs are blown out through a window and seeds settle via chute; overall, the outcome involves method like style, fabrication and collection of various part rising potency and reducing the wastage.

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