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Use of PET Fibre as Constituent of Concrete

Vinod L. Patil, Vivek Shukla


A fibre reinforced concrete is a mixture having the ingredient cement, sand, aggregate with PET Fibre. As we know that the fiber can not be decomposed. Development in the technology of preparing of concrete mix is necessary. So we are using the fibre as constituent of the concrete The concrete mix which is made with the use of fibre have high cement quantity and low water quantity The fibre reinforced concrete carry more load as compare to the plain concrete. The concrete without fibre fail suddenly one the ultimate flexural strength exceed as compare to the fibre mixed concrete Today we required the cost effective material which increase the concrete strength . Hence we are trying and doing research by addition of waste material like fibre. This paper gives the results of various strength of concrete Key Words: PET Fibres, workability, compressive strength, flexural strength, split tensile strength, bond strength

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