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Experimental Investigation on Replacement of Aggregates by Granite Chips In Solid Concrete Block

Ramani Hiren, Dr. Jayesh kumar Pitroda


The demand of aggregates in the construction industry has consequently increased, resulting in the reduction of sources and an increase in price. In such a situation stone waste can be an economical alternative to the aggregates. In India, stone waste creates big problems of the disposal and large amount of the culturable land is used for the disposal of stone waste which is produced from various stone industries like kota stone industry, marble industries, granite industries etc.. So, It is most essential to develop eco-friendly concrete from stone waste.The study provides the alternative to use of granite waste in construction industry, which would reduce both environmental impacts and the production cost of the concrete blocks. The main objective of this investigation is to increase the compressive strength of concrete blocks and decrease the cost of concrete blocks by replacing aggregates with the Granite chips.


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