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Mixture Proportioning Approaches For Self Compacting Concrete - A Review

Apeh J. A, Okoli G. O.


In the production and application of concrete, Mix design is a critical step. Many mix design methods have been proposed for Self – compacting Concrete (SCC); but these methods lacks a uniform criterion, specific design parameters of factors to evaluate their design process or procedures which makes it cumbersome to compare the effectiveness of these mix design methods and properties of SCC.  This study is an in depth review on the mix design methods for SCC available in the literatures so as to evaluate progress made so far and thus provide valuable data to help select suitable mix design method(s) for SCC. On the basis of their principles, these approaches can be classified into five groups such as rational mixture proportioning method, compressive strength mixture proportioning method, aggregate packing mixture proportioning, statistical and rheology of paste model mixture proportioning method respectively. Each mixture proportioning method was discussed based on their procedure, pros and cons. To obtain high quality SCC with satisfactory properties, appropriate method should be chosen in accordance with actual situation.

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