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Effects of Different Shapes of Building on Natural Time Period during Earthquake

Prof. Shrikant R. Bhuskade, Prof. Samruddhi C. Sagane


Indian standard recommended that the natural time period is a function of a building and the Base dimension of the building. This work is a continuation of previous paper i.e. “Effects of Various Parameters of Building on Natural Time Period”. From previous work analysis results shows that natural period was varying according to various parameters of buildings i.e. due to effect of stiffness, mass, height of building and column orientation. For that we have consider, 10 types of rectangular models from hand book “Some Concepts in Earthquake Behaviour of Buildings” by C. V. R. Murty. In this paper, we have considered same 10 types of base model but instead of rectangular shape , we have consider “C”, “L” and “T” shape buildings. Test results reveals that, natural time period was varying according to different shapes of building. It was concluded that, shape of buildings affect the natural time period of the building. Results were not ideal as compare to rectangular building in case of “C”, “L” and “T” shape buildings.


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