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A Literature Review on Study of Silica fume as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete to reduce carbon footprint

Shubham Chitransh


In the modern world with the acute necessity for the developing infrastructure facilities e.g. development of roads, bridges, buildings, etc has been felt necessary in our developing country. This has raised consumption of cement abnormally high leads to the depletion of natural resources like lime, gypsum and other materials. The efforts have been made to replace cement with any other suitable material. This study is an attempt to reduce the consumption of cement by adding silica fume in the cement concrete. This study is an experiment in the nature of silica fume and its influences on the properties of fresh concrete. The partial replacement of cement with silica fume the strength parameters of concrete has been studied. First the strength parameters of concrete without any parts replacement were studied then strength parameters by partial replacement with silica fume have been studied by placing cubes and a cylinder on compression testing machine (CTM). The industries are facing problems for proper disposal of their byproducts. This study resolves two issues, one is the proper disposal problem and the other one is reducing the cement content. Silica fume was used to replace 0% to 20% of cement, by weight at an increment of 5% for the cubes and the cylinder. The results showed that partial replacement of cement with silica fume had a significant effect on the compressive strength of the cube and the split tensile strength cylinder. The strength of concrete increases rapidly as we increase the silica fume content and the optimum value of compressive strength is obtained at 15% replacement. After 15% its start decreasing under uniform load condition of 4 KN and similarly the split tensile strength increases up to 15% and then start decreasing under the uniform load condition of 2KN. This study indicates that silica fume can be used as an admixture in cement concrete, which can help reduce the cement in the same strength in the construction industry. We can also study on how to reduce the carbon emission emit at the time of production of cement.


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