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A Review Study on Fly Ash Based Light Weight Aggregate and its Strength Assessment as A Building Material

Rabindranath Ghosh, Deepali Vasudev, Mohammad Ovais, Mohd. Moin Azhar


Fly ash is a waste material from thermal power plant which is converted into light weight aggregate by means of pelletization process and cold bonding process. Light weight concrete is made by the use of light weight aggregate. Light weight aggregate is used in floor and roof screeds, roof tiles, land drainage, filter media and refractory. Different test were also conducted on light weight aggregate to study its physical properties such as crushing strength, specific gravity, bulk density and water absorption. It was observed from the test result that in order to obtain the maximum pelletization efficiency, the optimum revolution speed and the inclination angle are found to be 50 rpm and 55 respectively in given proportion. The properties of light weight concrete were also studied.

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