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Experimental Study on Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Precast SIFCON Laminates

M.Soundar Rajan, D. Jagetheeshwaran


SIFCON is enormously superior variety of conventional fibre reinforced concrete, is a distinctive construction material having extraordinary properties in the kinds of both strength and ductility. The tentative series will be carried out to relate the illustration of flexural RC beams and shear RC beams with prepared SIFCON laminates. A total quantity of 6 specimens of size 100mm x 150mm x 1700mm equivalent to two test series will be cast and tested. The concrete mix for RC beams has been intended to obtain a concrete grade of M30. The steel fibres used in the study were round crimpled fibres having 0.5mm diameter and aspect ratio of 0.6. Fibre volume fraction was 9%.The strength parameters of ultimate load carrying capacity, cumulative energy absorption of flexural beam of different conditions were quickly better result than conventional beams.

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