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Finite Element modelling of Square Reinforced Concrete Columns Wrapped with FRP Composites under Eccentric Load

Abdurra’uf M. Gora


This paper gives the outcomes of a 3-Dimensional nonlinear finite element (FE) analysis of CFRP-wrapped square reinforced concrete (RC) columns under eccentric Loads. The test variables in this study are the number of Carbon-FRP (CFRP) layers and intensity of eccentricity of loading. A total of 9 column specimens were simulated using a finite element program ANSYS workbench. ANSYS is a compelling program in engineering simulation that can execute simple static analysis as well as complex nonlinear dynamic analysis. It was found that the general trends of the FE analysis results agreed favourably with the results of some experimental studies described in the literature. The simulated CFRP wrapped RC columns have demonstrated excellent performance in load carrying capacity and ductility. However, when load eccentricity is introduced, the columns experienced a loss in strength and performance to a greater extent with increasing eccentricity.

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