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Seismic Performance of Dual System Structures: A Review

Margrette Mary James, George M Varghese


The structures in the seismic areas are subjected to the lateral loads like wind and earthquake loads which will create more stresses than conventional structures which are acted upon by gravity loads only. Hence, the structures in seismic areas should be designed in order to resist both the gravity loads as well as the lateral loads. The effect of lateral load on buildings can be resisted either by frame action or shear walls or combination of both generally called as dual system. Amongst lateral load resisting system, shear wall is widely used to resists the lateral loads in the world of construction. Flat slab system is structurally efficient, however, it is often hindered by poor seismic performance due to inherent insufficient lateral resistance. This undesirable behavior is mainly due to the absence of shear walls in the flat slab system which generally gives rise to more lateral deformations. Hence, it becomes more important to give further attention to the study of the dual structure with flat slab and shear wall. This paper analyzes the behavior of asymmetric dual system structures under seismic forces.

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