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Comparison of Hexagrid and Diagrid Structural System in Tall Buildings

Farhan Danish, D. H. Tupe, G. R. Gandhe


The taller and higher structures results in the effects of lateral loading, lateral loads dominates when the height of building increases, lateral loads such as earthquake, wind causes the building larger displacement, to avoid larger displacement in high rise buildings lateral load resisting systems are deployed. Apart from other structural system, the diagrid and hexagrid system are adopted to improve structural performance of tall buildings. The various types of structural system in tall buildings have become obsolete and the new structural skeletons such as hexagrid and diagrid are being used. The present research shows analysis of 40 storey steel structure with composite columns with diagrid and hexagrid structural system along the periphery has been modelled in ETABS v.16 software. The structure is situated in zone II, both the model diagrid as well as hexagrid has been analysed for same gravity loading. The parameters such as displacement, base shear, storey drift, displacement due to wind. Equivalent static method is used for seismic analysis and force coefficient method is used for calculation of wind pressure.

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