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Evaluating the Performance of Polymer Modified Concrete in Terms of Structural Properties

Bhanu Prakash, Abhyuday Titiksh, A. A. Qureshi


Some water-soluble polymers have proved potentials for improvement in properties of Portland cements. In the past, continuous research works are devoted to the development of new low cost materials with enhanced properties. Recent advances in the field of Concrete Technology are linked to the use of admixtures like polymers, added in small quantities to modify the properties of cement products. Cement-polymer composites are made by a very small replacement of hydraulic cement by polymeric binders. Continuous research activities have led to the development of various suitable polymers, which are now widely used. In spite of its importance, the polymer modification of concrete has been less studied and there is a huge scope for its development. This paper presents the results obtained after conducting experimental tests on Polymer modified concrete. The mechanical properties, such as compressive strength and the influence of a cross-linking agent were thoroughly investigated. In some cases, a noticeable reduction in the compressive strength was observed because of high air entrapment in the mix. Nevertheless, the presence of the polymer introduced a significant improvement in the ductility of the material and reduced the surface cracking.

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