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Study on Properties of Latex Modified Self Compacting Concrete

Maqbool Qadir, Juned Ahmad, Mohd Imran


Self compacting concrete (SCC) was first developed in 1988 in Japan to achieve durableconcretestructures.Self-compacting concrete (SCC) becomes a very popular choice in concrete industry because of its easy replacement in highly congested reinforcement structures without undergoing any consolidation, reduced labours, non-segregation property and smooth finishing. In this paper, experimental study has been carried out to record the different physical properties for M 30 grade Latex Modified Self Compacting Concrete. The concrete specimens with and without Latex were cast and tested to watch the improvement of certain physical properties like compressive strengths, flexural strengths and workability. Styrene Butadiene Rubber Latex polymer has been used for our study. In this work various % (i.e., 2.5%, 5%,7.5% & 10%) has been used. In this mix strength was found highest at 2.5% latex of cementitious material.

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