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Study on Flexural Strength of Concrete Using Latex and Recycled Nylon Fibre in Different Ratio

Vikash Vishwakarma, Muddassir Umer Rizvi


It is evident from literature review that concrete has high strength in compression but it is poor in tension. To resist tensile forces the concrete to be used with steel reinforcement. Placing the steel bars takes many man-hours, which contributes to a significant part of the total concrete costs. By eliminating the reinforcement part of the construction work, the costs can be reduced considerably. Fibres like steel, glass, polypropylene, nylon, carbon, aramid, polyester, jute, etc. are mixed with concrete known as fibre reinforced concrete. To overcome the deficiencies of concrete; fibres are added to improve the performance of concrete. In this research paper concrete is made by using latex and nylon 6 fibres. The inclusion of both latex and nylon 6 fibres are used in order to combine the benefits of both material. Structural improvements provided by Nylon fibers and the resistance to plastic shrinkage improvements provided by latex in this way significantly high compressive and tensile strength are achieved.


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