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Performance Study of RCC Core Steel Composite Column: A Review

Dona Chacko, George M Varghese


RCC core steel composite column is a type of composite column, in which hot-rolled steel sections are confined in concrete. The concrete and steel are combined in such a fashion that the advantages of both the materials are utilized effectively. In tall buildings, the columns are subjected to high axial loads particularly at lower levels. In high earthquake prone areas, these columns have to maintain their axial load carrying capacity during an earthquake. Ordinary reinforced concrete column and concrete filled tube columns are not as effective as steel confined concrete columns. The core steel composite column helps to improve the ductile nature of column when compared to the conventional RC column. The encased core steel is helpful in resisting column from large axial compressive force, bending moment, and shear failure. In this paper, a review of the experimental and analytical researches carried out on encased composite columns is given. The review also includes research work that has been carried out to understand the effects of bond strength, seismic loading, local buckling and confinement of concrete on the performance of steel-concrete composite columns.

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