Studies on Interfacial Energy and Degree of Miscibility between Polymethylmethacrylates - Polystyrene based Structural Coatings and Emulsions Stability through Computational Molecular Modeling

Dr.M.Subas Chandra Bose, Ms.S. Saranya, Ms.G. Visalakshi


In this present research work, the molecular modeling and the tacticity phenomena of polymers are investigated for industrial coating by means of structural stability of rigid bodies has been utilized to understand the interaction between the polystyrene (PS) and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). The polymer composites based coatings and coloring emulsions on rigid structures are potential industrial application, which are promising due to their strength, lightweight, low-cost, chemical stability and tailor- ability. Better understanding of the interface between polymers, ceramics, chemical oxides, metals and metal oxides, as polymers-polymers, polymer – metal oxides interaction will leads to further prospective in this area of research and demanding for various interior and structural coating applications. The calculated interfacial energy reveals that the tacticity plays a significant role in the immiscibility/miscibility of the chosen model systems in addition to the molecular weight. For higher molecular weight system, the decrease in interfacial energy leads to the formation of immiscible system. The experimental observation from these investigations the varying trends in the interfacial energy with molecular weight has been noticed. The interaction of PS with different methylmethacrylate polymers are in progress to understand their order of immiscibility and also to gain the atomistic level interactions.

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