White Topping In Roads: Review

Prof. Shrikant Harle, Prof. Prakash S. Pajgade


In India the roads get deteriorated many a times because of using improper way of construction of bituminous roads. The whitetopping technology is very useful in such situations as the construction of another bituminous layer shall be costly and the life of the roads shall be very short. Therefore this technology is being used in India at a faster rate in many cities. This has many benefits like low cost as compared to the concrete roads, low maintenance, etc. In the comparatively low traffic roads get better advantage of this technology. Several researchers have contributed in this field and found to be successful. The type of whitetopping includes conventional, thin and ultrathin whitetopping depending upon the thickness of the road which varies from four to ten inches. As this concrete layer has to be laid upon the distressed bituminous layer this can be considered as bounded and unbounded. Researchers have found that these are alternative solution for light to moderate traffic roads.


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