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Auto Switching of any Available Phase in 3-Phase Supply System Using Arduino

Mohan Bukya, Mohammed Rafiuddin, V. Srinivas, B. Aravind


Lack of phase is a very common and serious problem in any industry, home or office. For a three-phase power supply, one-phase or two-phase is usually unacceptable, which in many cases will cause certain electrical equipment in the room to turn on and off in another room. This is the main obstacle to our daily work. In addition, the demand for freight is increasing every day; the main problem consumer’s face is power outages, which can severely damage electrical appliances and sometimes even affect their service life. The problem of power interruption is due to the failure of one phase in the power distribution system and the power available in the other phases. Most household loads are plugged into a single-phase power source. If one phase fails and the other phase has power, we cannot use the power source.

This project introduces a system based on automatic power selection technology, which automatically selects the phase of three-phase alternating current (AC) instead of manually replacing the fuse, which is troublesome and prone to human error. One phase or all three phases of the power supply need to be automatically switched from one phase to the other phase and auxiliary power supply.

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