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Securing Privacy in BSN with Chaos Based Image Encryption Scheme

Harshvardhan Tiwari, Shilpa N, Harshitha R, Rakshatha S, Archana K N


BSN play the vital role in the field of telemedicine. In BSN sensor nodes transmit different physiological information, thus privacy and security of these information become very important in these networks. In this paper we have presented a simple and secure scheme for image encryption using one-dimensional chaotic maps. This image encryption scheme first shuffles the position of pixel values using bit-level permutation method and then changes the gray values to make the complex relationship between original plain image and encrypted image. Image scrambling and diffusing, both operations are performed by logistic map and tent map. Various experiments have been conducted to test the robustness and security of proposed image cipher algorithm and the experimental results shows that the proposed scheme is resistant to different cryptanalytic attacks and provides adequate security.

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