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Automatic Dipping System for Vehicles Headlight

Abhishek Vaishnav, Ritesh Kumar Nishad


The purpose of our project is to minimizing the problems of road accidents in night. By the using of this system in our vehicles dazzle problem is almost solved. The number of vehicles on our roads is burgeoning day by day. This is turn forced almost all this vehicle  manufactures to think about the extra safety instruments and electronic controls to attach with these products for giving the users a safety derived in all road conditions through a mass flow traffic. If asked, one should always mention that the right driving is very cumbersome due to the dazzling light problems and the frequent dipping of headlights by manual means that often causes fatigue to the driver particularly at the time of peak traffic. The auto dipper can perform a great deal in reducing the manual efforts and fatigue of drivers in dipping the headlamp frequently while driving through highways full of moving vehicles. However, vehicles employed with automatic dippers are not very often seen in our cities, and it may be due to lack of information about the system and also because of giving attention to the people saying that it is not at all practicable in our highways.

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