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Vulnerabilities Revealing Through Web Application Scanner

Deven A. Gol, Priyank Bhojak, Hiren Patel


We are in the era where a person needs to interact with Web applications day to day life. As the use of internet growing like online shopping, online transaction, and so on. So that we need to think about the Security of Web Application due to vulnerabilities generally found. There are number of tools available in market but still some of the tools can’t identify all attacks properly. Because of these Vulnerabilities, an attacker can easily enter into the system by unauthorized access, malicious activity; damage the system which can have an effect on the system. Vulnerability Scanner is a tool that will help to identify the weak hole of the system which makes entry point of Hacker. If we can identify suck kind of vulnerabilities it will help user from an access of sensitive data. Most of the web application security vulnerabilities occur just because of nonspecific input validation problems. Even if a large number of web application vulnerabilities are unproblematic to distinguish and to avoid, a lot of web developers are unfortunately not security-aware that make easy access for attackers. As a effect, here be present a huge amount of susceptible web applications and websites on the web which is common for all people. Security vulnerabilities are the significance of violating security properties which harm the systems direct or indirect way.

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