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An Information Retrieval System For User-Friendly Education Forum for Students

Ms. Jiline Jose, Ms. Joshy Paily, Mr. Sharan Kumar Ajith, Mr. Anil CB, Mr. Saini Jacob Soman, Dr. Suvanam Sasidhar Babu


In recent years, the popularity ofonline platforms as a resource for education content has explosively risen. This is due to increased accessibility to the internet. However, existing online education platforms either lack of user friendliness and no services consolidate content according to the user’s preference. Also, these platforms are often disordered contents which may make it difficult for the user to get a hold of the content. This may deter users from using these platforms. This paper aims to create a cohesive and user-friendly platform for education. This proposed platform allows the user to gather content relevant to them, organize these and discuss among different members in the circles. This may encourage inattentive users to learn. It allows users to submit a question to which other users to submit a question to which other users may respond to when the user gets a satisfactory response, all the submit responses will be summarized automatically which will be visible to other users. It also provides interactive quizzes which are created by users. The platform brings a social element to learning which allows users to interact with people who have different point of view which others intheir circle are interested in, this broadenstheir knowledge.

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