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Design and Implementation of Children Safety System Using Internet of Things With Raspberry Pi

Ms. S. Indira, Ms. S. Helan Elizabath


In contemporary world because of increase in variety of snatch and road accident cases, parents continually worry concerning their kids. This project proposes an aid to folks to trace their kids’ location in real time. It permits the parent to urge their child’s location on a true time map by the geographical coordinates that send by the module kit. The kids safety system developed during this analysis utilised the RFID pursuit technology because of its economical pursuit capabilities, low cost, and straightforward maintenance. To explore the technical practicableness of the projected system, a group of tests were performed within the work and with the general public. These experiments showed that the RFID tags were effective and stable enough to be used for with success pursuit and watching kids exploitation the bus. Once asked to offer their feedback of the answer through a form, more than ninety fifth of the parents see that such an answer can take their anxiety and worry away and can offer them a tool to trace their children throughout commutation to and from their schools.

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