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Deploying Six Sigma in Distributed Cluster based Routing using 1-Hop Relocation Algorithm

Ms. A. Kayalvizhi


The efficient energy utilization in a sensor node is most desirable criteria for prolong the life time of wireless sensor network. Clustering is a kind of key techniques for overcoming the data transfer load. First, a heterogeneous network with set of nodes is constructed. Second, an Ad-hoc on demand vector (AODV) is used to choose the shortest path among the nodes for data transfer from node to sink. Thus the nodes that are at a distance 250m from the sink are grouped together and data is transmitted directly using 1hop method. Third, the sink relocation may take place by calculating the resultant vector rp when the distance between the nodes to sink is greater than the threshold value. The proposed work indicates results with less vitality utilization and draws out the system life time.

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