A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Neem Leaves Paste on Worm Infestation Among School Children In Selected School At Bangalore

Mr. Silambarasu. C, Ms. Suma. B, Mrs. Ashwini. M.S, Dr. S.S. Prabhudeva, I. Clement


Worm infestation set up an important limitation on growth and development of children. In children with borderline nutritional status, worms can precipitate nutritional failure. Worm infestation in children is normally seen in India. The common worm infestations are Threadworm, Round Worm and Hookworm. The child suffering from worms usually have below mentioned symptoms. The children have stomach pain off and on after eating his food. Lack of appetite and poor digestion. Child looks weak and sick and anemic. Sometimes a larger bunch of worms may block the intestinal tract and cause total constipation, abdominal distension and vomiting. Itching round the anal region. Intestinal parasites complete for food, damage the intestine and decrease food absorption. Light round worm infection can lead to 3 % calorie wastage. Heavy infection can lead to caloric loss of 5% of daily consumption. Hence the present study intends to assess the effectiveness of neem leaves paste on worm infestation in school children.

Worm infestation contributed 13.9% of our pediatric admissions. Children between 1-2 years have increased incidence. Though most of the houses had latrine facilities, children mostly used open-air defecation. The commonest clinical presentation was gastrointestinal symptom. Associated PEM and vitamin deficiencies were present. Many children given deworming drugs had recurrence due to reinfection. Most children were anemic and eosinophilia was present in only half of them. Ultra sonogram is very useful in diagnosing worm infestation in suspecting cases. Most of them were cured with conservative line of treatment. There is a need for awareness of worm infestation, appropriate treatment i.e., regular deworming at frequent intervals.


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