A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge Regarding Weaning Among Primipara Mothers of Infants

Annamreddi Leelavathi


Introduction: The birth of a child is a significant event in any family. Health of the growing child is always a matter of a great concern to the parents. Physical health is important because it is associated with mental and social development. Good nutrition is very important to promote physical health of the child in order to build up healthy life. Nutritional status of infant will be based on breast feeding and weaning practices. The objective of the study were To assess the level of knowledge regarding weaning among primipara mothers of infants and To associate the level of knowledge of primipara mothers of infants with their selected demographic variables. Materials and methods: Research approach was quantitative and research design was descriptive research design. 30 samples that fulfilled the inclusion criteria were selected by non-probability convenient sampling technique. The tool used for the data collection comprises of 2 sections: section A – demographic variables; section B – A structured questionnaire to assess the knowledge on weaning among primipara mothers of infants. Data collected were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: the analysis reveals that 56.6% (17) mothers of infants have inadequate knowledge; 40% (12) have moderate knowledge; 3.3% (1) have adequate knowledge. There is a significant association found between the “educational status, occupation, type of family and no. of children” with knowledge. Conclusion: The study findings concludes that majority primipara mothers of infants 56.6% (17) have inadequate knowledge. The nurse administrator should plan to conduct health education programs in community to initiate healthy weaning practices.

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