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Finite Element Simulation of Thermal Field in Double Wire Welding

Bharat Mudgal, Dr.shubham ramanlal Naik


in this paper, the thermal area of double wire welding is simulated by the use of ANSYS software program. Simulation consequences were proven that the total warmness input (E) is the maximum huge parameters to trade the price of t8/5; by means of the imply of rationally controlling the percentage of the front arc warmness enter (E1) within the overall warmness enter (E) and as it should be deciding on double wire spacing (L), it's miles powerful way to get the double wire welding thermal cycle. by using the manner of simulation, it's miles viable to control the thermal input in the double welding wires and to manipulate the temperature subject and cooling fee that are fundamental for the final joint satisfactory, it is excellent significance guidance to optimize the double wire welding process parameters.

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