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Impact of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in India

Dr.Arvind Jayant, Arvind Tiwari


Green supply chain management technique (GSCM) is a newer way to differentiate an
organization from its competitor organizations because it can highly influence the planned
success of an organization. With rapid increasing awareness of environmental protection
globally, the green trend of conserving our planet’s resources and protecting the
environment is difficult to fight against, thereby putting more pressure on firms. With the
rapid change in manufacturing scenario globally, environmental as well as social issues are
becoming of great importance in running any business. Green supply Chain Management
(GSCM) is a way to improve the performance of the process and the end products according
to the requirements of environmental regulations agency. A green supply chain management
aims to constrict the waste product within the industrial system in order to keep and protect
energy as well as to prevent the dissipation of dangerous materials into the environment.

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