Implementation of Observations Skills Regarding Safety and Cleanliness in Small Scale Industry

B. S. Marle, V. A. Nivagire, A. J. V. Borkar, A. A. Mutwalli, Mr. ArifMohammad Attar, Mr. Raju Kumbar


Safety and cleanliness, these are the major factors in the lean manufacturing system. This paper deals with the implementation of ‘safety and cleanliness’ in the small scale industry, according to guidelines given by ‘JICA’ (Japan International Co-Operation Agency). By following the methodology which is given by the Japanese organization called ‘JICA’, it improves the safety, cleanliness as well as productivity, efficiency and housekeeping of the industry. The improvements before implementation and after implementation of ‘safety and cleanliness’, is shown by various pictures. It also improves a stronger work ethic within the organization and the employees who would be expected to continue the good practices by implementing ‘safety and cleanliness’.

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Module 1 –Observation Skills – Safety and Cleanliness.


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