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A Comparative Study of Pre Engineering Building by Working Stress Method and Limit State Method in Terms of Weight in Different Topographs: A Case Study

Mr Madhukaran, K S Madhusoodan, Dr. H Eramma


In recent years the introduction of the pre-engineered buildings (PEB) concept in the design of structures made and designs in a much optimized way. The Pre Engineering Steel Building Structures have many advantages as compared to Conventional steel buildings in terms of weight and economy, by designing IS codes of IS 800-1984 and 2007 . In this study a structure width 48m, length 96m with clear height 7m and has Roof-slope 1:10, analysed and design is carried out considering 2D frames (end frame, frame without crane). The economy of the structure is discussed in in terms of its weight comparison between IS 800-1984 (WSM) & IS 800-2007(LSM), and also structure is analysed and designed in terms of weight in different wind zones.

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