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A Paper on Green Roof Technology: A Global Trend to Save Environment

D. G. Pardeshi, Ketan S Mahajan, P A Nehete


Rapid urbanization is the root cause of deteriorating environmental quality. In the twenty first century, under pressure people are exploring different sustainable approaches. Built environment, is the major consumer of energy and a prime contributor to the quality of environment. Technologies like passive techniques, intelligent facade, cool roof, green roof etc. can be used for a sustainable environment. Green roof is one such sustainable approach, which helps us in insulating the buildings and, thereby contributes to energy efficiency of the habitat to different species, reduces the rainwater runoff and leads to better management of the carbon-dioxide cycle. To create an understanding there are different existing rating systems which support appraisal of Green Roof like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System and Green Rating for Integrated Habitat assessment(GRIHA) rating system. The intent of this paper is to motivate for the integration of Green roof in the GRIHA Green building code. India has resulted in unplanned urban sprawl with increased urban densities and reduction in urban open spaces, and recreational spaces and permanent loss of valuable agricultural land. This paper also includes components, and types of Green Roofs.

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