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Thermal and Impact Resistance Concrete

R. Logaraja, Dr. M.Shahul hameed, K. Rajkumar


The behavior of a concrete structural member conduct with heat is source dependent on thermal and mechanical properties of concrete. The strength of concrete has significant influence on its properties at both room temperature and high temperatures .In this experimental study the work was focused on improving the elevated temperature resistance of normal concrete with mixture of calcium silicate and 1% steel fiber. Different percentages of calcium silicate used. Cylindrical specimen were exposed to high temperatures of 300c,400 c, and 500c.Moreover cooling system effect of heated concrete cyclinder have been investigated. Physical and mechanical properties of the developed. Mixes including residual compressive strength, masslosses, impact resistant ,have been determined. The test result indicate that addition of minimum percentage of calcium silicate increasing compressive strength as well as thermal resistant.

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