Comparative Analysis of Highly Efficient Propeller Type Small Wind Turbine with a Diffuser Using CFD

Vijayakumar S, Shanmmugasundaram B, V. Ganeshan, B. Charles


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) makes use of numerical techniques and algorithms to remedy and examine problems that contain fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the thousands and thousands of calculations required to simulate the interplay of drinks and gases with surfaces described by using boundary conditions. The non-renewable strength assets (coal, fossil fuels, etc.) have become depleted at a rapid rate due to the exponential increase taking vicinity in the commercial and automobile sectors. For this reason, in recent times the utilization of renewable electricity resources (the wind, solar, hydel, and so on.) is becoming very common to overcome the above crisis. A frustum-shaped diffuser was chosen from an economic standpoint and wind speed distribution. The effect the diffuser’s shape had on the wind speed was analyzed by simulation and showed that the wind speed in the diffuser was greatly influenced by the length and expansion angle of the diffuser and maximum wind speed will increase 1.7 times with the selection of the appropriate diffuser shape. The wind speed in the diffuser was fastest near the diffuser’s entrance. An attempt has been made in this project for analyzing the diffuser used in wind turbine and to analyze the wind turbine blade using CFD software.

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