International Journal of Advances in Electrical Machine and Power Electronics

Advances in Electrical Machine and Power Electronics provide Advance technology innovation in Power Electronics and Electric machinery from idea to implementation via transformational broad-based research that influences less costly easy power solutions for transportation, grid, and renewable.

Aim and Scope: International journal of Advances in Electrical Machine and Power Electronics is a scholarly peer reviewed research publishing journal which affords quick Publication of articles in all regions of Electrical Machines ,Power Electronics and Drives , AC machines, Energy Storage Management, Motion control and servo drives, Permanent magnet machines and Actuators, Semiconductor Devices, Power Electronics convertors etc.

The journal publishes genuine quality papers along with however no longer restrained to the subsequent fields: 

  • Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Power electronic converters
  • AC and DC Motor Drive Systems
  • AC machines
  • Permanent magnet machines and actuators
  • Motion control and servo drives
  • Advanced control of electric drives
  • Energy storage and management
  • Advanced Integrated Electronics
  • Electronic Communication Technologies
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Thyristors and Transistors

MAT journal welcomes the quality research papers, review papers, short article, report, conference papers, and many others for publication.