International Journal of Electrical, Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering

This Journal aim to offer a venue for dissemination of studies outputs and sports in area of Electrical, Electronic communication, instrumentation and different associated fields. Electrical and Electronic Engineers have a more powerful recognition on making things happen in the physical world in comparison to Computer Engineering, and a stronger cognizance on electrical power, virtual records, and micro-devices than Mechatronics Engineers where as Instrumentation Engineering is a specialized department of electrical and Electronics Engineering, not focusing on the ideas and operations of measuring units used inside the design and configuration of computerized systems.

Aim and Scope: International journal of Electrical, Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering is a scholarly peer reviewed research publishing journal which affords quick Publication of articles in all regions of Electrical , Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, , Communication and signal Processing, Networking, ,Digital Electronics, Industrial Instrumentation, Sensors, fluid dynamics ,Analog and Digital communication system.

The journal publishes quality genuine quality papers along with however no longer restrained to the subsequent fields:     

  • Electrical ,Electronics and Instrumentation  Engineering
  • Field Instrumentation & Control
  • Electrical network and communication systems
  • Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electrical energy systems
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • fluid dynamics
  • control and data acquisition
  • power transmission
  • Network and Communication system
  • Thermodynamics
  • Digital System
  • Mobile Communication
  • Microprocessors
  • VLSI Design
  • Electronics Sensors
  • Analog and Digital communication system.
  • Electrical machines and design
  • Instrumentation


MAT journal welcomes the quality research papers, review papers, short article, report, conference papers, and many others for publication.