Comparative Seismic Analysis of Irregular Shaped Multi Storied Structure With and Without Infill

Zaker Baig, D. N. Kakade, Dr. A. P. Wadekar


When a particular structure subjected to seismic forces, it experiences lots of effect and changes in the structure due to its plan irregularity and vertical irregularity, width to height ratio, located at which seismic zone, and so many. In this article we are focusing on the plan irregularity of structure with and without the contribution of infill. An actual fifteenth storey residential apartment type structure has been taken for our study which was initially L-shaped in plan. Further regular shape and T-shape structure is modelled with same area of actual plan and checked the effect of irregularity on the seismic performance of structure with and without the contribution of infill. The properties of infill are taken as the property of brick infill and the infill is assigned diagonally to the frame. The Linear direct integration time history analysis, imperial valley ground motions is used and analysis is performed to calculated the required aspects of structures and this dynamic analysis  is performed by using programming software SAP 2000 and Etabs 16.

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