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Focus and Scope

Journal of counselling and family therapy is a journal with broad vision. This journal will provide opportunities to bring fore new knowledge and concepts from various inter-linked subjects concerned with the study of mental health, disorders and related issues. Thus it can be the best platform forĀ  mental health professionals like psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, mental health counsellors, family therapists, clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, marriage therapists and psychiatric social workers. The professionals and practiitioners can discuss their research work, case studies, theories, dissertations and other majorĀ  observations in this journal that has impact on individual, community and social health. Moreover the scope will be extended to application of various theories and their real benefits in psychotherapy. One can also focus on various aspects of growth and development while going through various stages of life and family formation and problems faced there of. This will provide an opportunity to nursing researchers who has choosen Counseling or psychotherapy as their speciality to give their best and get in contact with practice along with other colleagues.

Focus and Scope:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychiatric counselling
  • Case studies
  • Family therapy for psychiatric patients
  • Psychological theories
  • Psychological Research Innovation
  • Psychological Management


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