Finite Element Design and Analysis of Fuselage Frame for Two Tonne Helicopter

K. Rajasekar, M. Ramesh


The structural design of a helicopter is entirely differ from the other flight vehicle. The structural components of a helicopter takes both lift load and thrust loads at all points in it. So, the structural efficiency should be the main aspect of the helicopter structures for withstanding these loads during different conditions of flight. In the present scenario researches have been carried out in a large scale to improve the structural efficiency of the aerospace structures especially major focus is in the case of helicopters. The main aim of this paper is to design a fuselage frame made of conventional material for a two tonne helicopter and analyzed for structural efficiency. The forward fuselage frame under the main rotor hub assembly of a two tonne helicopter has been considered for analysis as it was the main load carrying member of the helicopter and most of the aerodynamic loads will act on the frame under the main rotor hub assembly. Designing of fuselage frame is carried out using modeling software. Structural analysis of the frame has been done using FEM packages. In order to obtain a quality meshing and for better refinement Hypermesh is used. Stress distribution and deformations are analyzed for different configuration and the results are compared. Based on the result analysis the efficient structural design is obtained to meet the design requirements of the helicopter frame.

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