CFD Approach To The Prediction Of Vortex Induced Vibration Of Circular Cylinders

K A Bibin, K Karthik, M Vishnu, J Joemon


Vortex induced vibration (VIV) of slender cylindrical structures occur under cross flow and adversely affect the operation of a variety of engineering systems such as industrial chimneys and stacks, submarine periscopes, marine risers, tube arrays in heat exchangers, high rise buildings, mooring lines of floating systems, marine risers etc.This paper focuses on the numerical simulation of VIV behavior of circular cylinders subjected to steady current at Reynolds numbers ranging from 6000 to 14000 and validate the simulation results with available experimental data. Towards this, large eddy simulation (LES) model of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations is chosen which predict the vortex shedding phenomenon and pressure fluctuations on the cylinder surface with reasonable accuracy. This solver was coupled to a spring-damper system that act transverse to the incident flow, modeling, in an elementary way, the structural response. This is achieved by coupling a user defined function to the LES solver. Both zero and nonzero damping are considered. Initial benchmarking has been done for rigid cylinders. The computed displacement response data, lift and drag coefficients and vortex shedding frequency of the moving cylinder are compared with experimental data. The ‘lock-in’ region of the flow velocity has been well captured in the present work. 

Keywords:  CFD, Circular cylinder, LES, VIV, UDF.


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