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Flood mitigation and management on the downstream of the shetrunji river by using remote sensing and gis

Divyarajsinh Jadeja, Prashant Chavada, Mahesh Chhotala, Aniruddhsinh Chauhan, Keval Jodhani


The Shetrunji River is East flowing river and meet the Gulf of Cambay near Talaja. The Shetrunji  dam overflow due to heavy precipitation in upstream side. All the gates of dam were open. So, very huge quantity of water has been discharged through the Shetrunji dam. The downstream of the dam has been flooded due to excess quantity of water discharge and less carrying capacity of downstream river.

In order to minimize the extent of damage, Flood Inundation Mapping are required for adequateFloodManagement.Inordertomaptheleveloffloodinundationatdifferentdownstream reaches, water surface profiles are needed at several places along the river reach. But they are availableatverylimitedplacealongwithstreamgauge.Hencetofulfillthisgap,ahydraulicmodel such as HEC-RAS is often used to compute the flow depth at various locations along the river reach.

Flood inundation mapping is one of the vital components in developing flood mitigation measures especially non-structural measures. Flood inundation extent and depth can be found by using a mapping tool called HEC-Geo RAS is used.                                      


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