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An Architectural Interpretation and Contextual Understanding of Jor-Bangla Gopinath Temple, Pabna, Bangladesh: As A “Visual Canvas” of Indigenous Temple Architecture of Bengal

Audity Biswas


The study attempts to examine the late medieval Bengal temples, particularly in reference to the “Jor-Bangla Gopinath” Temple at Pabna, Bangladesh. From 6th to 19th century different artistic acting upon the temple Architecture of Bengal. The “Gopinath Jor-Bangla” Temple shows excellence in forms and construction technique as in its Architecture and Sculpture, characteristically in brick and terracotta. At the same time the aim will be to draw a sketch of relationship between social context, patronage and temple building activities. In absence of well established theoretical underpinning .the attempt to contextualize the Gopinath Temple under study in terms of local and regional history and social and religious transformation will be sketchy. Finally, the paper concludes the late Medieval Temples acted not only as some mere religious structures additionally where embodiment of the changing complex relation between the social context and culture, “a perfect juxtaposition of Social context and the spirituality”.

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