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Deelopment of Methodology to Study Effects of Disasters and Risk Analysis in Uttarakhand in India

Ruchi Saraswat, Shilpa Pal, Surya Prakash


Since a lot research work has been carried out to study the geoenviromental area at Uttarakhand but a complete study needs to be carried out to identify and assess the natural hazards, vulnerability and capacity and risk, each has the risk assessment but the combined vulnerability assessment and hazard assessment has not been carried out. There is no methodology been found to study impact of a disaster and to rank it. It is also required to establish the relationship between disaster impact rank and risk. This paper basically deals with the impacts of development activities on the natural hazards and vice versa. The main aim of this paper will be to do the risk analysis and to find alternative potential solutions for reducing the potential risk from natural disaster and development activities.

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