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Relative Investigation and Cost of R.C.C., Steel and Composite Constructions via ETABS Software

Shaikh Mustaqueem A. Viquar, D. N. Kakade


Building constructions by composite material in the current era very popular because of their vantage over conventional concrete and steel construction. It is observed that R.C.C buildings are being relatively large in size and give relatively high earthquake forces and low deflection as compare to steel building instruct more deflection and ductility to the structure, and this is beneficial in terms of resisting earthquake forces. In this paper Comparative Study of RCC, Steel and Composite Structures by Using ETABS 2016 Software of story G+12 buildings of RCC building, steel building and composite building is presented situated in Aurangabad earthquake zone III, Wind speed is 39 m/s and structure class C, terrine category 3 with the help of different parameters like displacement, story shear, story drift, self-weight, axial force B.M etc. In this study all building structures are designed for same type of gravity loadings. Composite frame combines together better properties of both steel in tension and concrete in compression with this less self-weight of building and lesser the cost of construction, which result speedy construction, etc. Equivalent static method is used for analysis of all types of structure. This Comparative study of Analysis and Cost of R.C.C., Steel and Composite Structures concludes that the composite structures are best suited among all the three types of constructions that is RCC and steel in terms of material cost, self-weight.

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