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A Comparative Analysis Study of Partial Replacement of Rubber Tyre pieces and Broken Bricks to the Aggregate

R. N. Patil, S. V. Nikam, P. S. Thaware, A. A. Choudhari, S. R. Janbandhu, S. H. Khan


Concrete is one of the most popular building material, the construction industry is always increase its use and applications that’s why it is necessary to find alternative material to reduce the cost of concrete materials. On the other hand, the natural coarse aggregate are extracted from quarries and the result this quarries will be soon depleted in few decades if the rate of their uses continuous at this speed. As a result there was a need of permanent solution of this problem. The disposal of tire elastic or broken blocks for the creation of cement has been thought as an elective transfer of such waste to secure the earth. In this research paper tyre rubber and broken bricks were used as a coarse aggregate with 30% replacement of conventional aggregate. The compressive strength of concrete is observed at 7, 14 and 28 days and comparative analysis between waste tyre rubber and waste broken brick were analyzed. After 28 days comparison which waste material gives high strength is to preferred as best replacement of waste material with the aggregate.

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