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An Endeavour on Application of Crumb and Chipped Rubber As Aggregates in Modified Concrete

A Alex Rajesh, S Senthil Kumar


Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials. Due to this fact the construction industry is always trying to increase the uses, applications and properties of concrete, while reducing cost. Many properties of the concrete can be changed by adding industrial wastes in it. One such method may be the introduction of rubber to the concrete mix. It is a perfect way to modify the properties of concrete effectively. Rubberized concrete can be defined as a conventional concrete with coarse and / or fine rubber aggregate replacement. More recent research studies have experimented with rubberized concrete, which has the potential for high proportional replacement of natural sand with crumb rubber without the need for aggregate pre – treatment for crumb rubber aggregates. The use of waste automobile tire chips as partial replacement of aggregate in concrete has great potential to positively affect the properties of concrete and is used typically for non-structural applications.

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