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Health and Environmental Safety Aspect of Construction Project

D. G . Pardeshi, Ketan S Mahajan


Generally projects are classified as Major Project, Medium Project and Minor Project. According to the size of construction, Health and Environment related concerns are considered. All type of construction must follow Building acts as stated in National Building Code of India thereof all health and environmental provisions for safety of, societal beings and his environment, are made, beside these things there are few such issues which are unpleasantly encountered. The aim of this paper is to propose a way and tactics to resolve such issues in a constructive and productive manner. The objective of this paper is to make us aware about the common environmental terms, to state their legal obligations and our responsibilities in relation to environmental legislation, to recognize common environmental impacts on construction sites in general and potential impacts resulting from the individuals work activities in particular, to identify the currently accepted environmental management best practices for relevant workplace activities. It contains remedial measures and safety precautions at different stages of project, like planning, consulting and execution and post-construction operation. The committees recommended environmental clearance to the controversial project based on several conditions and promises of strict monitoring.  It is seen that human health and the health of the environment are mutually interdependent. Human health is seen by many as the justification for the impact assessment of development projects and for environmental protection. It has become very important to take these health and environment related problems seriously.


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